Friday, November 12, 2010

To live is Christ, to die is gain

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm angry at BBM
Because it delays by talking to you!

Have you seen the movie, End of the Spear? Great movie re-telling the story of Jim Elliot and his desire to reach out to this lost and dangerous indian tribe in Ecuador. With years of training, planning, studying, praying and searching, he finally got his chance to make contact with the tribe. Upon arriving Jim's son asked, "if they come to attack you, will you shoot back and defend yourself?" And Jim said, "no. I'm ready for heaven, they're not." Once Jim and his four men arrived to the shore of the tribe's village, within hours all of the men were speared and killed. Then, soon after their death, all of the wives and children of the killed fathers returned to the village to love on those people, proclaiming the gospel, and living out forgiveness and love, completely giving up their entire lives for the sake of the lost. Even Jim's son returned as an adult to live with the people, and live with the man that killed his father. One quote from Jim Elliot that really hits home and made me think of you and pray with even more eagerness for you is this - "he is no fool to give what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose."

Even though you're not in a country where any moment you could be speared and killed, the people around you are dying, lost, and with no hope. Robbie and I were both so broken yet refreshed after watching that movie and realized how often we make the gospel more difficult than it has to be, missing the big eternal picture of what it's really about. Continue to press on - abiding in Christ and delighting in the glory of God as you lay down your life for those around you - in the way you plan, understand the culture, intentionality, studying the word, praying, everything, and may you delight in God and endure in His grace.

Here's also a poem I wrote in class that kinda relates - its about the prostitute Gomer that God tells Hosea to marry - giving more of a reality of the need for Christ in our world.


My oil here is low, very dim now
The linen turned to sandpaper between my thighs
feasting on a dwindled pocketbook;
stomach hollow, hunting for my lovers.
Endless chase, thornbushes blocking the path
of but a coat tail grazing the tip of my raw finger
in desperate reach. Come back. Where did they go?
Lewdness seeped through the hole in
my wool, attempting to conceal the
unfaithfulness between my breasts.
Allured in this desert
yet You speak tenderly to me.
Betrothed in righteousness and justice
You found me and clothed me.

LOVE YOU KK!! I'm thankful for your partnership in the gospel!


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