Monday, August 9, 2010

another great movie pick...

only this time someone else picked wacked out one...I am currently watching some shoot-um scenes...I have covered my and plugged my ears on MULTIPLE occasions and other than Boondock Saints I dont think I have ever heard the "F-bomb" dropped so often:) so thats what youre missing over here on 39th street:)

Also there was some crazy rain last night...3 inches in like an hour and your room got water in it so Dennis had to come in and do some work.  Apparently they are looking to sell the place as soon as this lease is up b/c they are moving.

I always try and think of funny stories to tell you and I think for sure I have a bunch but when I sit down to tell you about them I totally forget...probably my blogs are the most boring to read:)

Leigha wanted me to tell you that she is watching this movie, eating chips, peeling skin off her legs and wishing you were here to give her a back rub...and holy cow one of the main guys just got shot!...I knew that would happen.

anyway, Love you bunches and cant wait to see you soon!!!

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