Thursday, April 22, 2010

Its Earth Day and Dyb's Birthday.. Coincidence?... I think not!

So this blog post has nothing to do with the title, I just thought that would be funny.

Anywho, I'm sitting here in my cube preparing for a meeting and I thought why not write a quick little bit on Kelsey Keizer's Praha blog?

I'm not sure if I've updated you on life recently, but I got a promotion. Thats right, I'm the big time now. I've been promoted from Production Chemist II to Research and Development Chemist! Sounds exciting right? It is! First of all I get a new office, with high cube walls. This is a big deal because when you have short cube walls you hear EVERYTHING and vise versa. Because of having short cube walls I have been self conscious about everything I say (which is probably a good thing because lets face it sometimes I say inappropriate things). Along with the high cube walls I also no longer have to package things which is the least favorite part of my current position. Instead of packaging I get to research and develop (hence title) new materials. Maybe one day I'll discover a dye that is super duper (stolen from your coach) awesome. Until then, I'm just grateful for the opportunity. I've been a little overwhelmed with the change in responsibility so far but I think that will subside when I get to do just one job (right now I'm doing both until they find a replacement for my position).

In other facets of life (I want you to know I just typed faucets instead of facets and laughed loudly in my cube imagining life containing lots and lots of faucets which is most likely only funny to me... I digress) I've been studying James with Nathan. Its pretty fun, and funny because we are the biggest failures at couples Bible study ever. I usually want to spend the entire time talking about one verse and he usually wants to summarize a whole chapter so it takes us forever to get through something, but regardless, I am learning a lot. A theme that keeps reoccurring in what I am learning is diligence and my lack thereof. You said it well in your email when you said that God is changing you. I think I'm learning that as well. There are a lot of things in me that I know He desires to be different. And really, what is my diligence to Him if I'm not sensitive to His leading?

Nathan and I also got a newish car. (ish because its used but new to us). We got this car because he totaled our other one (the red ford) which sounds scary but it really wasn't. Its more amusing than anything. At least now its amusing when he reported the story to me while laughing the whole time, I wasn't very amused. So when you see me rolling around in a sweet forest green honda civic you'll know whats up.

In my last post I talked about how I can't even beat Dyb's in a game of HORSE. I'm hoping now that she is old I will be able to accomplish that feat. Happy Birthday Dybs! (watch your back because I've been practicing)

Lastly, I leave you with a challenge. You said that they don't sell any sort of Christian books in the CR. So maybe you should read a book about another religion or maybe a biography about a popular Czech figure to increase your understanding of the culture. Who knows what it might equip you with!

Sending love from the cube with short walls (but not for long),
Katie S.

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  1. I LOVE THIS POST! faucets... high cube walls... inappropriate comments... beating dybs in HORSE!?

    kk - if this post didn't make you pee your pants laughing, i'm not sure what would. (other than miley cyrus showing up at your door to sing "the climb," perhaps?)