Saturday, April 24, 2010

Waging War


Hiiiii!! Lame but true, I have just now figured this all out! Eeek!!!

Life here is good in Oklahoma!! Just a little update...I am about to graduate from Rhema Bible Training Center with an emphasis in Youth Ministry! I have stinkin' learned so much here and am in love with this school! Its so true- the more you learn, the more you realize you don't know! Whaa!! :D I have seen God move so mightily, it is amazing!! Everything from hernias going away, legs growing out, bills supernaturally paid off, backs straightening, cancers gone and more!! Ahhh He's so good and so alive!! :D

I am also playing percussion with a ministry called 'Rock the Nation', and am loving it. We get to reach out to kids and youth in the inner city around the world! We are about to go on a couple of tours this summer and have a live recording in November. God is moving!! Its so Him!

Oh this was crazy! I saw one of the Hanson brothers (Mmmbop) where I work!!! I was too excited! Like a little kid in a candy store! :D I acted like needed some toys just to see them! (I swear I am not a creeper!)

As a whole this year has been going well. I have learned the power of the mind and what it means to have a controlled thought life and how such a large part of the battle that the devil throws our way is in our thoughts. I have realized that our minds will think about anything we give it space to think about- good or bad, and how our thoughts can get into our spirit if we don't keep them controlled. Probably why we are told to renew our minds eh'? :D

I am posting a super sweet song. Its kinda old but new to me and I am classifying it as "MY JAM" for the time being- It has helped me get through some stuff! :) It's called WAGING WAR by Cece Winans. Its so powerful!!!
I hope you enjoy! :)

Well... I will post soon!!! Love you so much girl!!!

Maria (RIA)

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