Friday, April 16, 2010

This could be funny...but it may not be readable...

Hey Kelsey!

Just hanging out in the hospital and thought I'd drop in a note to you. Currently, it's about 10pm on the floor. Here's a peak into the way that life is at the hospital. Before I start though, realize that I am constantly falling into and out of consciousness, so if this post is not coherent, forgive me. :)

Normally, I wake up about 5am but it just depends on what other things are making noises on the floor or in my room. This time around, I had a roommate who made it a little more difficult to sleep because she had pain all the time. There was also this guy a couple rooms down that would swear and yell really loudly...I think sometimes he was angry at the nurses and other times he was cussing because of his pain. There were also these little machines that held all the medicine in each room and decided to beep really loudly about the time you felt like you were really getting to sleep. Every so often, these machine would all go off at the same time! Someone finally showed me how to shut off the beeping temporarily until the nurse could come and fix it. :)

Hmmm....this afternoon, my friend came to play some games with me. My brain is definitely working more slowly. I lost in a game of bananagrams but was beating my friend and my mom at Phase 10 before we had to stop for dinner! Games make time go by so much faster!!

Tonight there wasn't too many interesting events. I got a new roommate around 10:15pm evidently she fell down the stairs or something...only things I can pick up through some Anyway, that's really all I have for you. Hope all is well in Prague! My brain is shutting down now cause it's taken me almost 3o minutes to write this little story!! Hahaa. I'm fading fast.

Love you,

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