Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2Pac isn't the only one going through Changes....

Baahaha ok, lame title buuuut :) So graduation is complete and I am officially a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center! I have an interview tomorrow morning for their school of world missions for a possible third year, so pray that goes well! I am kind of nervous for it!
My roommate just bought a house so I moved in with her, well renting from her, and its awesome. I never realized the freedom a house has over an apartment, but its great! :D My room is still covered in Africa stuff, and my heart still beats for it daily. I know I'll get back over, but it's all on God's time. :D
I am about to head back to IA for a month! It will be so good to see corn and green again! I love the south, but there is nothing like home. 'Ya'll' has become an official word in my vocabulary, so I am hoping that people can understand me when I get home.
The new jam for the month is called "He wants it all" by a family band called "Forever Jones". Check it. Love it. Cry to it. :D
I will let you know how the interview goes tom! I need to catch up on my sleep! Heart, Ria

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