Tuesday, June 22, 2010


BJ (left) and I spent last week in Haiti. Northern plateau, not an area directly impacted by the earthquake. Although, the very nice and talkative lady above hosted over a dozen extra house guests for quite a while as people were displaced from Port au Prince.

Part of our week was spent helping install concrete floors in existing homes. What a difference it makes during rains and decreasing rats and parasites. Generally, better health. BJ snapped the following picture, which I believe could be interpreted as me in charge - or, more likely - step away from the hoe. Perhaps even, "Talk to the hand." :)

On a related note, I just ordered the book Friendship at the Margins: Discovering Mutuality in Service and Mission from Amazon. I believe it will discuss the purpose of mission work and the role of forming friendships. You, Miss Kelsey, excel in this area. Shrinking the world. Making Christ known by example. And when in other countries, making sure we crazy Americans have humility and look for what we can learn from others. In Haiti. In Czechoslovakia. Wherever. You already know that, of course. Praying for you and excited about the difference you are making in this world. Talk to you probably sooner that I think, Kelsey. Blessings!
- Lee Towe

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