Thursday, March 25, 2010

I bleed Husker red!

Isn't life SWEET!

For the first time in history, a Nebraska basketball team has made the sweet 16! That's not the only history they have made either. The women's basketball team has tied the Big 12's longest winning streak of 30. They became the first Big 12 men's or women's team to have an undefeated regular season and if they win 1 more game (I think) they will go down in history as the most improved team in the history of the NCAA having a +18 record change. Thats insane! Nathan and I have throughly enjoyed watching this team transform from a team with A+ effort but no gain last year to a team that has leapt into history with its victories and achievements this year. I know this is far fetched but I hope they can win the National Championship. It would be a great cinderella-ish (after all they are a 1 seed) story. Not only have these women put their mark on history in numerous ways, but they've done it with poise, and grit. After all, not very many of their wins have been a breeze and they have had to be creative many times this season to pull out the W. Bottom line is, they're just fun to watch, like the St. Mary's Gaels men's team. First of all they are Gaels which means IRISH (which is awesome in itself) and they are composed of Australians pretty sweet right, whats not to like? Or cheering for the UNI men's team. Watching them take down Kansas really screwed up my bracket, but was the most fun I've had watching a March Madness game in a long time.

Basically what I'm trying to say is root for the Huskers in the women's tournament! (Lets face it, I already know that you are, but I had to stake my case to everyone else reading this).

And I wrote about this because thats whats been going on in my life! Granted I go to work and come home and do my daily routine but watching basketball has been AWESOME lately and a really fun experience for Nathan and I. I'm hoping that one of these games we will get so excited and send a bowl of popcorn flying across the room, that would be ideal!

I think its awesome that you get to worship and serve through this sport. That every time you step on the court, you know you're doing something thats greater than yourself. It reminds me a bit of what I talked about at the chapel I did at Wichita State. You are in Prague with the Sparta team, for such a time as NOW. You've been equipped and placed in your position for a specific purpose to serve a people and a city and maybe even a country. That's pretty sweet my friend. I'm sure there are moments when it might get easy to forget about your larger purpose but don't forget that you're there for NOW and that God's going to do great things. Your ability to play basketball is a great gift. Sometimes it makes me a bit jealous, but I think I could take you. Actually we all know thats probably not going to happen. I can't even beat Dybs in a game of HORSE. If only I were a little taller.... (dreaming, wishing annnnnd back to reality).

I love you and miss you sister and I'm definitely lifting you up.

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