Saturday, March 27, 2010

To see beauty...

Hey Kels,
It was great to talk with you this week! I was just sitting in my apartment watching some women's basketball and procrastinating on writing a paper when I thought of the song "You See Beauty" which has really been on my mind lately. I almost immediately thought of you and how your situation may parallel these lyrics at times. It is so easy to see the desperation and chaos within the places that we are in. But when we look at it through our Redeemer's eyes, it is much different than we thought. Everything that we see of loss, God sees as value. He sees beauty that we do not always see - not immediately at least. I pray this week that you see the city of Prague through the eyes of Jesus. Not just the pain and the brokenness, but the hope and restoration that is coming to this city. He is the light and the darkness CANNOT overcome it.

You See Beauty - Kristi Northup
I see desperation, I see pain
I see a life in ruins, hopeless to ever change
I see a city, broken in two
Is there anything that You can do?

But You see beauty where I see dross
You see value where I see loss
‘Cause You are the light and the darkness
Cannot overcome it

I see condemnation, I see shame
I see the Bride of Christ covered in human stain
I see a finger pointing back at me
I’m ashamed of my hypocrisy

I see Simon, You see Peter
I see the adulteress, but You see a leader
I see a desert, You see a well
I see Jacob, but You see Israel

I see China, but You see believers
I see HIV positive, but You are the healer
I see religion, but You see the church
I see the horizon, but You see the whole world

The things that you are doing over in Prague may seem simple or ineffective at times, but your impact is farther reaching then you may ever know! I was listening to a Matt Chandler podcast and he spoke about how everything that we do in our daily living is sacred. From work to loving people to sitting down for coffee, it's all sacred. It's all worship to God. People see that. People see you, Kelsey Keizer. They see the way that you live your life. They see the difference in your attitude. They see that you have a joy that comes from something bigger than this world.

Your obedience to the Lord in packing up and heading to Prague is a great witness in itself. I am encouraged by all that you are doing and the heart you have for the people that the Lord has placed in your life. I continue to pray that you are bold in your conversations and that God opens up hearts for those conversations to take place whether on your team, on the subway, on your jogs in the city, or wherever it may be.

Blessings sister!

You are loved.

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