Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Memories from Warmer Weather...

This was a post that got caught in the draft folder. :) Enjoy the May throwback blog post. For supplementation, see the post on May 25:


Hello friend! I miss you bunches! and I can't beleive that I forgot to do this yesterday! I even had a friendly reminder yesterday!

Here are some of my very bad excuses for why I blew it:

1. it was just too stinkin hot in Iowa. I walked out of school and got in my car and immediately started sweating.

2. students at after school programing and the soccer games kept trying to touch me! and i was freaking out b/c i CANNOT handle skin on skin contact when everyone is hot, you just stick to eachother and its disgusting.

3. my desk was messy, as cluttered and scatterbrained as i am, i have to have a clean desk

4. my 3rd block students were really bad, so even though it was super hot i was a true meanie. I turned on all the lights and turned off the fan, yes this could be called crule and unusual punishment and i may go to jail for it:)

5. i at a mcdonalds hamburger for the first time in maybe 4 years it was a dollar and six cents


So those are my really bad excuses for my abesentmindedness...

I stole your idea for a survey and did one with my students...hopefully i dont get fired, it was actually really low key, do you believe in God? do you believe in heaven and hell? if something we to happein to you and you died would you go to heavne or hell? why do you think this? do you have any questions about the bible or Jesus? thanks for the idea, i havent had time to read through them ye though.

here is a funny story a student wrote about me, I hope you are as entertained as i was...

How did miss linvall get taze (he ment tazed)

me and other couple freind were at the movies up came along was this old scary lady named miss linvalle she was a former teacher we had soo we was at the movies watchin Iron Man 2. My friends noticed that miss linvalle snuck in and now we can tell she is a poor bitter old lady and then she got caught the 5-0 said that will be your strike...(he didnt have time to finish, and i actually really saw him at Iron man 2 the sat before:)

so i am a poor bitter scary old lady:)

2 cointhians 6:3-10

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